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Data Privacy Policy

Maintaining and protecting the privacy of personal data you share with us is important to us.

Ping An Windows and Doors Supply is committed to implementing appropriate security measures to maintain the confidentiality, Integrity, and availability of your personal data, in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA)

We will only collect personal data that is provided to us voluntarily by you directly and indirectly. By Providing us with your personal and signing our Online Customer information form, you explicitly authorize Ping An Windows and Doors Supply, our employees, authorized representatives, related companies, and the third party service providers, to use, process and share Personal Data in order to complete your transaction, For marketing and promotional purposes, to improve our services, and other legitimate purposes.

General Terms & Condition

These are the General Terms & Conditions of Ping An Windows & Doors Supply (“PAW&DS”).

2. “CLIENT” means any person, architect, contractor, end-user, corporation or any entity that purchases goods and/or services from PAW&DS.

3. FREE ESTIMATE. The client is given one (1) complimentary site visit for taking measurements. If the client requires an additional site visit, a survey fee of One Thousand Pesos (PHP 1,000.00) shall be billed per visit on the same project site in Metro Manila. Additional charges shall apply outside Metro Manila. This fee is on top of and not deductible from the Project Price.

4. MEASUREMENT. PAW&DS’ measurements are subject to a +/- 5mm tolerance for allowance.

5. OCULAR INSPECTION. Ocular inspections and measurement-taking may be scheduled anytime during working hours (9:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm) to ensure efficient inspection and measurement of glass panels. If the client requests for additional measurements at the job site, PAW&DS shall charge an additional survey fee of One thousand Pesos (PHP 1,000.00) within Metro Manila. Additional fees and charges shall apply outside Metro Manila.

6. PROJECT PRICE. The attached quotation is only applicable to the indicated area of installation but is subject for actual measurement and ocular inspection. Should the client decide that an ocular inspection is not needed, the client must serve a written notice to PAW&DS advising that no ocular inspection is necessary. The notice must also provide specific instructions on measurements which shall serve as PAW&DS’ basis for producing and fabricating (i.e. cutting). However, PAW&DS will not be liable for any issue arising due to the instructions given by the client and/or wrong measurements stated on the notice. All costs incurred to remedy issues shall be paid by the client. Changes made to original orders, whether to remedy any issue or not, may be factored in the final price adjustment based on actual design or measurement at the discretion of PAW&DS.

7. VAT. The Project Price is subject to VAT. If the client is VAT exempt or zero-rated, a copy of the Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303) and Certificate of Credible Tax Withheld at Source (BIR Form 2307) must be submitted to PAW&DS.

8. VALIDITY. The validity of the attached quotation is thirty (30) days only. The price quoted is subject to change without prior notice.

9. CONFIRMATION. Signing the attached Quotation means that the client agrees to the General Terms & Conditions. Whether signed manually or electronically, and/or through email confirmation, the same signifies that the client confirms and fully agrees with these General Terms & Conditions, the Project Price stated in the Quotation and payment terms.

10. FABRICATION. Fabrication shall commence on the first working day upon receipt of the client’s signed Quotation attached to these General Terms and Conditions with the down-payment and proof of payment sent thru PAW&DS’ authorized email address. Production and fabrication schedules will vary depending on the technicalities and integrated process of the ordered product/s.

11. PAYMENT TERMS. The client shall pay 50% of the Project Price as down-payment upon signing the attached Quotation. PAW&DS shall inform the client once orders are ready for delivery/installation. The remaining 50% balance shall be paid within three (3) days from the date PAW&DS informs the client that orders are ready for delivery/installation before PAW&DS releases or makes any delivery of products and services. After payment of the balance, the client shall confirm to PAW&DS as much as in writing of the accepted exact date (i.e. agreed delivery/service date) when delivery/ installation shall be made, which in no case not shorter than five (5) working days from the date the balance was paid.

12. STORAGE FEES. Orders/Purchases not delivered/installed/picked-up within twelve (12) working days from the agreed delivery/pickup date due to the client’s fault shall be charged a storage fee equal to five percent (5%) of the total purchase price for every month of deferment. Orders/Purchases not delivered or picked-up due to the client’s fault for more than sixty (60) days shall be considered as canceled orders, in which case the provision on CANCELATION hereunder shall apply.

13. CHECK PAYMENTS. All check payments should be made payable to “PING AN WINDOWS & DOORS SUPPLY”. It is strongly advised that payments be deposited directly to PAW&DS’ bank. All check payments must be cleared and honored by the bank before orders are released/delivered. The client must notify PAW&DS through email with attached bank deposit slip of any payment. PAW&DS’ bank details are as follows: Company Name: Ping An Windows & Doors Supply Account Name: BPI 004463-05-1688

14. ONLINE PAYMENT. PAW&DS is not obliged to confirm any payment made electronically until it is cleared and reflects on PAW&DS’ account.

15. LATE PAYMENT. PAW&DS shall have the right to assume that the client deferred the delivery/pickup of orders in the event the client has not settled the 50% balance within three (3) days after PAW&DS informs the client that orders are ready to be delivered/picked-up. Deferment of delivery/pickup is allowed a maximum of Fifteen (15) calendar days from the date PAW&DS informs the client that orders are ready to be delivered/picked-up. Storage fees shall apply for deferments exceeding this 15-day period. A deferment of more than sixty (60) calendar days from the date PAW&DS informs the client that orders are ready for delivery/pickup shall amount to cancelation of the orders, in which case the provision on CANCELATION shall apply.

16. CANCELATION. Any cancelation shall entitle PAW&DS to consider the 50% down-payment made or 50% of the project price (VAT exclusive) forfeited in PAW&DS’ favor to cover costs of processing/fabricating the product/s and labor. If the full Project Price was already paid prior to cancelation, the full amount shall be forfeited.

17. WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY. PAW&DS shall afford the client a workmanship warranty of three (3) months1 on hardware2 and installation3 works. The irresponsible use and unauthorized repair4 of any hardware shall void this warranty. Once this warranty is rendered void, all costs of repair and/or replacement SHALL BE AT THE SOLE EXPENSE of the client.

18. NO WARRANTY. No warranty shall apply on security locks, glass products, exterior installations and all kinds of film.

19. MOBILIZATION. PAW&DS shall have the right to assume that all projects are for ground floor installations only. In case of installations located at higher levels of any building, PAW&DS shall charge additional costs for mobilization. The Client is responsible for securing and resolving any gate pass, permit, truck restriction and payment of such permits. Failure to deliver orders due to lack of access to the project site shall be the sole liability of the client and the appropriate provisions hereunder shall apply. In case delivery or installation shall be deferred due to the client’s fault and PAW&DS’ delivery/installation crew have already made their way or have reached the job/project site, the client shall pay additional charges to cover expenses (e.g. toll fees, gas expense, meals and snacks, and overtime pay).

20. NECESSARY EQUIPMENT. The client shall provide in advance assembled scaffoldings and/or other equipment on the job/project site, if deemed necessary for PAW&DS to perform its services. If the client disagrees or has not given complete information as to any circumstance that affects PAW&DS’ services, the backload fees below shall apply.

21. BACKLOAD. Any backload that may result from the fault or from any improper advice by the client that hinders PAW&DS from performing its services will entitle PAW&DS to claim an additional ten percent (10%) of the Project Price without prejudice to other applicable provisions hereunder.

22. RECEIPT OF ORDERS. The client is responsible for the safe storage of goods once received. The client is liable for any loss, damage or destruction of goods after delivery. For delivery and installation of products, the client is required to provide ample space to PAW&DS to ensure the safe condition of all goods and persons vis-a-vis installation works. Electrical supplies, water and scaffolds shall also be provided by the client at the job/project site.

23. FORCE MAJEURE. In case delivery or any installation work is deferred due to fortuitous reasons PAW&DS has no control over, the client shall be given five (5) working days from the time the fortuitous reason ends to set a definite day to proceed with delivery or the installation work via written notice to PAW&DS. The appropriate provisions hereunder shall apply in case of failure of the client to send such written notice.

24. CHANGE ORDERS. PAW&DS is not obliged to grant any change requested by the client that deviates from the signed quotation, payment terms and these general terms and conditions. Any change accepted by PAW&DS shall be subject to a separate written agreement and additional charges and fees.

25. ETHICS. PAW&DS will not tolerate unscrupulous acts. If the client contracts with any of PAW&DS’ staff for any work behind PAW&DS back, even if it falls beyond official working hours, PAW&DS will not be held liable for ALL works accomplished. Any prevailing warranty shall automatically be VOID.

26. WAIVER. The Client, waives the right to hold PAW&DS liable for: (a) damages resulting from the service/s unless the incident is immediately reported to PAW&DS in writing and such damages were caused by the unprofessional acts of the crew and personnel of PAW&DS; (b) the replacement of product/s resulting from the client’s willful withholding of the truth regarding any circumstance affecting PAW&DS’ services.

27. AMENDMENT. PAW&DS reserves the right to change or amend these General Terms & Condition without prior notice as long as it does not substantially prejudice the rights and obligations of the client.

1Workmanship warranty starts exactly on the date of installation within 3 months or 90 days (calendar year). The cost of damaged glass is not covered by the warranty. 2Hardware includes rollers, clamps, track fittings. 3Installation refers to the installation of product/s performed by PAW&DS’ authorized and trained personnel. 4Unauthorized Repair refers to tampering and/or repairs made on the product/s by a person other than PAW&DS’ authorized staff.


Upon signing of the Quotation, Client signifies his/her agreement of the current General Terms & Conditions of Ping An Windows & Doors Supply

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