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Safe and Durable Windows and Doors

In todays era, Glass can be found everywhere, from tall buildings to small coffee shops, at our bedrooms to our bathrooms and everywhere. But did we consider to think its durability and safety.

Today, let's give you a bit of information you might find useful when buying windows and doors.

There are some factors to consider to attained safe and durable windows and doors.

First is the building materials used. Popular frame used on windows and doors is aluminum and wood. Did you know that it also affects its life span. Typically, a wood frame can last up to 10 to 20 years with regular upkeep while aluminum can last up to 20 to 40 years with good care.

Other factor is environment. If your place is near a beach or having strong wind often, you might consider thicker and tempered kind of glass. Thicker glass can withstand strong winds and tempered glass gives you safety just in case the glass break, it will just turn into pebbles-like and not gonna cut your skin unlike ordinary glass.

Lastly, supplier. Make sure you purchase from a reliable supplier. Glass imperfections quicken it's life span. Glass edges are very sensitive, mishandling it can weaken the whole glass. Find a supplier that has the expertise to handle the job. Look at their background. How long are they in the business? Those are some few points to consider.

We at Ping An Windows and Doors provides not just elegant but best design and quality products to every client. You can rely on us. Contact us if you have questions, suggestions or concerns.

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